Mark Danner


Food Discussion with Cari Borja

Cari Borja and Mark Danner discuss food, including childhood memories related to food, keeping kosher, and favorite birthday meals.

At the Stupid Coup: Mark Danner in the NY Review

Mark Danner discusses his piece ‘Be Ready to Fight’ with fellow journalist and journalism professor David Barstow. Danner describes his experiences at the Capitol on January 6 and the violence he witnessed that day, and he elaborates the difficulties of covering the Trump presidency as a journalist.

Collage with U.S. Capital building, overlaid with scraps of red paper, on an off-white background

Political Science 179 Lecture and Interview

Mark Danner joins Professor Alan Ross’s Political Science 179 class at the University of California, Berkeley, to give a lecture on the events of January 6 at the U.S. Capitol, President Trump, and the future of American Politics, followed by a Q&A with students.