Mark Danner

Kosovo: Contending Voices on Balkan Intervention

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Powerful commentary on the most volatile international event of the year–the conflict in Kosovo.

This is the first book in any language to bring together–in powerful point-counterpoint format–political, ethical, and cultural commentary on the Kosovo conflict by internationally renowned contributors. Also woven into the book are moving firsthand stories of the suffering Balkan people.

Composed of some sixty essays written in dialog with one another, the book contains assessments by noted politicians and analysts (Henry Kissinger, Juergen Haberman, Zbigniew Brzezinski), government officials (Javier Solana, Kofi Annan, Vaclav Havel, Morton Halperin), award-winning journalists (Mark Danner, Tim Judah, Robert Kaplan), human rights advocates (Julie Mertus), theologians and ethicists (Jean Bethke Elshtain, Brian Hehir, David Little, Vatican Archbishop Tauran, Stanley Harakas), historians (Miranda Vickers), military leaders (General Wesley Clark), and many other key figures.

This book also includes photos, maps, a time line, a list of key names, NATO objectives, and online resources for further study of this critical regional conflict with worldwide implications


Includes Mark Danner’s essay “Endgame in Kosovo: Ethnic Cleansing and American Amnesia,” originally published in the New York Review of Books on May 6, 1999.